If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Season 1 on AmazonKids

In 1985, after nine rejections, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was finally published, I had a dream that the book could make a funny, and cute animated series.  After writing the subsequent books with Moose, Pig, Cat, and Dog, @AmazonKids made that dream come true!

Who would have thought that my all-time favorite shopping website would start and produce the animated series, #IfYouGiveaMouse. If you love Mouse, and his pals, Pig, Moose, Cat and Dog, I think you’ll enjoy the show!  I’m thrilled with everything about it, great voice actors, spectacular animation, the storylines, and Lisa Loeb’s catchy tunes! You can stream the whole first season and binge-watch! (but ask your mom first)!!


  • Amber H says:

    We absolutely LOVE these books and the series is SO VERY spot on with the characters’ looks, personalities and the fun yet educational adventures the characters go on each episode! My son is only 2, but has had these awesome books around since he was born (former preschool teacher turned WAHM, here) but he has recently become OBSESSED with them! We read one (or two, or three) of them every night and he begs us daily to watch the show. We are hoping for MORE episodes soon!! (And maybe a release of new “If you Give” merchandise!!!!) 😀

  • Gilda Tramontana says:

    We love the series. Unfortunately only few books are available in italian. Anyway we read them and then my bigger son and I love to play them like real actors, maybe changing the “if” statements. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR MARVELLOUS IDEA!

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