Happy National Puppy Day!

It’s not everyday you come across some of the most incredible dogs in the world… say, unless you are among the lucky graduates, puppy raisers or staff working with Canine Companions for Independence. Many of these highly skilled dogs know over 40 commands to help people living with a disability gain greater independence and loving companionship. They’re living proof that not all heroes are human.

You can read all kinds of incredible stories here of assistance dogs helping people on the non-profit organization’s website.

After reading, you’ll likely see why we think National Puppy Day is the perfect excuse to honor these dogs and the hundreds of people responsible for puppy-to-graduate dog greatness.

Since not all dogs speak on command, and a photograph is worth a million words, we included a gallery of some of our favorite pics from our Instagram account to celebrate the love and wonder man’s best friends provides us.

Lastly, as we celebrate all dogs, we want to take a moment to encourage you to find some tasty biscuits, kibble or organic, gluten-free, vegan substitute (if your dog is into that), and say “I love you” in a language you and your dog both understand fluently.

Happy National Puppy Day.

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