"When I grow up, I want to be someone's life-changing friend and helper!" Support Canine Companions for Independence​...

Celebrate Canine Companions & DogFest 2019 nationwide in-person and online. Laura Numeroff and Cleverkick are teaming up to offer supporters who donate $40 or more* to a DogFest event a signed, personalized copy of her children’s book, Raising a Hero.

Join Laura Numeroff’s Biscuit Brigade team and help us fundraise! 100% of donations will support Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization providing highly skilled assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities.

*Participants need to sign-up and make a donation as part of “Laura Numeroff’s Biscuit Brigade” team via the Canine Companions’ DogFest site to receive book. (Offer valid 2/1/2019 – 11/30/2019)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am supporting DogFest as part of a different team?

You are welcome to participate with any team to support DogFest, however, participants need to also join Laura’s Biscuit Brigade team and make a $40 or greater donation to receive a signed, personalized book.

Can I participate even if I can't attend an event?

Yes! You are welcome to join Laura’s Biscuit Brigade and support DogFest from home. All donations help support Canine Companions for Independence.

Can I purchase additional personalized books?

Of course! Anyone can purchase a signed and personalized copy of Raising a Hero to support Canine Companions for Independence. Click here to order. Laura will be at DogFest Orange County (California) on 4/13. She is scheduled to read and sign Raising a Hero, available for purchase at the event.

How do I provide shipping and personalization information?

Once participants have joined Laura’s Biscuit Brigade and made a donation, an email will be sent to collect shipping information and names for personalization.