The all-new edition of “Raising a Hero”

In 1985, after nine rejections, Raising a Hero was finally published, I had a dream that the book could make a funny, and cute animated series.  After writing the subsequent books with Moose, Pig, Cat, and Dog, @AmazonKids made that dream come true!

Who would have thought that my all-time favorite shopping website would start and produce the animated series, #RaisingaHero. If you love Mouse, and his pals, Pig, Moose, Cat and Dog, I think you’ll enjoy the show!  I’m thrilled with everything about it, great voice actors, spectacular animation, the storylines, and Lisa Loeb’s catchy tunes! You can stream the whole first season and binge-watch! (but ask your mom first)!!

The new edition hardcover

Ships June 30

Pre-orders are expected to ship on or before June 30, 2020. All direct orders are autographed by the author (unless otherwise requested in your order notes) and shipped via USPS Ground. Expedited orders ship in 1-2 days for an additional fee.

Readers say…

Laura Numeroff has done it again! What a beautiful book with a great story. The illustrations help the story come to life. Max is adorable.

T Robertson

Love, love, love this book. It is great for all readers and dog lovers. This meets and exceeds her standards!

Sue Donymn

I'm a special ed teacher and absolutely love this book. It is a heart-warming story that raises awareness about service animals. Thank you Laura Numeroff for writing this book!

Lori D.

Amazing book for teachers, librarians and kids!

Kim Monroe

Very enjoyable! Everyone will enjoy this book. Perfect for children, gift giving.

L Clasby

Super cute illustrations, very inspirational story, and great subject matter... especially if you're a dog lover like we are in my family. Highly recommended!

Kevin B.

Another great book from one of my favorite authors. Very informative and helps build some understanding and compassion in the reader. Pick up your copy today!

Linda Robinson

My kids absolutely love this book. We read it to them daily per their request. Great book, great message! Love it and love that my kids love it just as much!!

Will Helm

It is heart warming and very educational, and as a puppy raiser I can say it is spot on!

Kendra Clark

This is a great book! The artwork and the wording are just right. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from this team.

Kathleen M.

Great story with a great message. Laura Numeroff has written another wonderful book!


This is a must-have for parents and classroom teachers of young children. The text is such an amazing way to introduce the purpose and work of service dogs to our littlest readers.

Aimee R.

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